DIY SOAP MAKING 101 Sponsored by USAA

MWR hopes you will enjoy this two-part instructional video series (Sponsored by USAA) which presents an introduction to making DIY soap! You might be surprised how few ingredients and tools are required to produce some lovely and great smelling soap slices. You probably already have many of the necessary tools and ingredients on hand. This project is easy and fun but does involve working with lye, which can be dangerous. Protective safety equipment (gloves/eye protection) should be used and always closely supervise any children that you allow to participate in this project.
Once completed, homemade soap is quite desirable and therefore makes for a great gift item! Follow along with MWR's own Larry Chime as he guides the first-time soap maker through the process.
MWR sincerely appreciates the continued support of our sponsors in presenting this and other programming.
#sponsored by USAA, to learn more about USAA please visit: No Navy Endorsement Implied.
Click below on the video title to view each part of the video series.