Child Development Multi-Age Program

The CD MAP offers child care for ages 6 weeks -5 years.  CDMAP implements the "Creative Curriculum" by Teaching Strategies as well as the Gold Assessment Tool. The Creative Curriculum is CYP's roadmap in meeting the basic needs of children, fostering social/emotional development, developing secure attachments while supporting cognition and brain development in a safe and nurturing environment. The Gold assessment tool guides the caregiver on the child's areas of strength and a base point to scaffold to the next level of learning.

PARENTS:  Use this website to get on the waiting list for military child care:

For parents who cannot find care within our CYP:  (Must be registered on and on a waitlist to qualify)

Contact us:
Heather Steinzor, MWR Youth Director 850-234-4134
Youth Activities Center 850-234-4938

U.S. Navy Child and Youth Programs welcome children of all abilities.