Gladiator Challenge

Gladiator Challenge

Head to the Fitness center and tackle the ultimate challenge and race the hourglass! Can you conquer the sands of time and emerge victorious?

To join the elite club of challengers, notify a fitness staff member that you accept this challenge. They'll monitor and verify your time as well as ensure you're rocking the right form. Oh, and one more thing, you only get one shot each day to become a gladiator.

If you emerge victorious, bask in the glory and claim your prize: a coveted Gladiator t-shirt!

Beware, for the supplies of these coveted shirts are limited, and the Fates shall decree their sizes (sizes are not guaranteed). Do not hesitate, for the sands of time wait for no one!


  • 500 meter Row
  • 20 yard dumbbell lunge
  • 20 dumbbell bench presses
  • 20 dumbbell thrusts
  • 10 burpee box jumps
  • 500 meter row


completed within the time limits:

MEN: 9 minutes 30 seconds  with a 40lb dumbbell and 18 inch box                                  

WOMEN: 10 minutes with a 20 lb dumbbell 12 inch box


This will be an ongoing challenge until we run out of the coveted t-shirts. Will you become an MWR GLADIATOR?